About Me

Hi. My name is Kelly Olveira. For as long as I can remember I have always been able to use my ingenuity to transform simple items into something different that serves multiple purposes. As a young girl, I remember re-arranging furniture and creating staged sets in my San Francisco apartment where my sisters and I would play pretend. Some days our living room was a diner, the next day it became a grocery store. I guess I could say that re-purposing has always been my true passion. As a self-taught carpenter, certified interior design engineer, painting and tiling expert, crafts-person and artist, even now, everything I design, customize or build has multiple purposes and brings back the vibrancy it once had. My design customers are always so excited to see how my ingenuity can be used to transform old into new, worn down into eye-catching, discard-able into collectible. Blooming Glass from the Past is my artistic vision of this re-purpose principle using up-cycled glass. Each glass piece carries its own memories and is transformed into sparkling blooms that will welcome the new memories to come. Taking something of little value and transforming it to stunning glass flower art is greatly symbolic of my re-purpose journey and my own wonderful memories. I take great pride in my work and Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with the possibility of lasting memories.


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