About The Product

Blooming Glass From The Past is not just about creating glass ornaments. Each bloom created celebrates the beauty and history of the particular glass used.  The motivation behind this glass flower art is to give new meaningful purpose to the once gone sparkle and shine of each glass piece used. Because of this, the design is not to use antiques. 

Individually, each piece of glass has been considered by others to have no value, deemed useless and/or has been discarded.  My passion is in taking these rescued glass pieces and transforming them into one-of-a-kind works of art. The transformation is truly amazing. I take immense pride in the high quality process used to develop each individual bloom, so that you could enjoy each art piece for years to come.

Blooming Glass From The Past specializes in creating individually distinctive, hand-crafted Glass Flower creations, made primarily with vintage glassware and up-cycled materials sourced from around the country.

These memorable flowers will make your garden glimmer and sparkle with their unique imperfections and beautiful color all year round. They never need watering or pruning and will remain as beautiful as the day you planted them.

Perfect for any garden (indoor or outdoor) in any climate as well as creating a unique gift giving experience that can last a lifetime.



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